Curious about cold processed soap and why it’s good for your skin? Keep reading to discover the benefits of this home made product as well as a brief history of soap and the soap making process.

why cold processed soap is good for your skin
Fresh Batch of Cold Processed Soap Here at the farm.

Brief Soap History

Before drugstores and Walmart were on every corner, our ancestors used what they had to make their own soap. It’s amazing how they made use of all available ingredients. However it was hard work!

They used the lard (fat) from butchered animals and something called “pot ash” or “wood ash” to create soap. It required stirring a pot over a fire for many hours.

Luckily today we have stick blenders to speed up the soap making process and a lot of choices in regards to oils, such as coconut, olive, and hemp seed oil. However people still use lard in their soap to this day, and it makes a great bar.

Sodium hydroxide, or lye, is used for the pot ash component. This is a strong chemical that causes the reaction to occur for the oils to become soap.

Brief Science of Soap

The science behind soap is that it is a salt of a fatty acid, which uses a process called “saponification” to occur. Basically the oils change their chemical makeup in the presence of the strong chemical reaction with the lye, thus becoming soap.

What is Cold Processed Soap And Why it's Good For Your Skin
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Why Cold Processed Soap is Good For Your Skin

Cold processed soap allows the ingredients to remain intact after the soap making process is complete, including glycerin. Glycerin is a byproduct of the soap making process. It helps with moisturizing our skin.

Commercially processed soap sometimes removes the glycerin in production. Why do they remove the glycerin you may wonder? To make your skin dry so you will need to buy the lotion. In fact, some mass produced soap are closer to “detergents” than soap.

Do you have a favorite smelly soap store at the mall? Unfortunately they use so many chemicals, the poor apple the fragrance claims to imitate is only that, an imitation. All of those chemicals can’t be good for our bodies or the environment.

Making your own soap or buying hand made soap from a local soap maker, allows you to know exactly what ingredients are going on your skin and also going down the drain into the water supply.

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Cold Processed Soap


Soap is a fascinating home made product that is good for our skin and the environment. It’s a useful product that also makes a thoughtful gift any time of the year.

Thanks for reading!

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