Do you struggle finding a craft area in your small space? Finding an area in your home for crafting supplies isn’t impossible, even in a small space! Sometimes you have to work with what you have. Keep reading to see how to make a craft area in a small space.

Hello Everyone!

Do you struggle finding an area in your house for crafting? I know I do! We currently live in an 800 square foot FEMA trailer. This was a temporary living situation for quarantine, however it has gone on a little longer than I had hoped! I had to get creative finding a craft area in our small space. I find shelving to be a super helpful solution.

1) Small Space Craft Area: Shelving

One of the most helpful things in a small living space is shelving! I take advantage of shelving pretty much everywhere. It is basic wire shelving I ordered from Walmart, it is also available on Amazon. This is where I keep my sewing machine, my Cricut Joy, and some sewing supplies, the green container was a gift from a friend, it has my sewing machine pedal and other random supplies. Just measure the width you need, there are a lot of options! My husband used anchors to hold everything.

2) Small Space Craft Area: Workspace

Next you will need some sort of workspace! This is a makeup vanity I took the mirror off of. The drawer is super useful for random sewing items. I mainly use the kitchen table or the floor to cut fabric/patterns. I have seen some people use closets as their small space craft zone.

3) Small Space Craft Area: Storage

When you craft you need a lot of storage, even in a small space! My 12 year old wasn’t using this plastic tower so I converted it into craft storage! It used to be her uniform tower when she was in school, (she is in all virtual school now). I also have some totes of fabric in a closet.

4) More Storage!

These cubbies are where I keep my patterns, scrap fabrics, and random books! It is kind of a catch all for me.

So what do you think? Are you struggling with finding room for crafting in your house? Do you think you can find a small space to craft? I would love to hear any of your ideas. Let me know in the comments below and thank you for stopping by! Also tag me on Instagram #xoxotinadesign to show me your small space craft areas!

xoxo, Tina

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