Looking for ways to reduce waste? I find using washable cloth napkins instead of paper helps us to be less wasteful. Follow along to make your own reusable hand embroidered napkins and take a step towards sustainability!

reusable embroidered napkins
Reusable Embroidered Napkins

Supplies for Reusable Hand Embroidered Napkins

I really enjoy the flower patterns. Eventually I would like to add letters as well to personalize the napkins for each family member. I realize how special embroidery was to our ancestors, it allowed them to add personalization to every day things! Machine embroidery is a lot cleaner if you have access to one, but stitching by hand is satisfying as well and is a good skill to learn!

reusable embroidered napkins
Embroidery Detail

Steps to Make Napkins

  1. Cut the dish towel into four equal sized squares.
  2. You can add a “zigzag” stitch to the perimeter of your napkins if you have a sewing machine or serger to prevent fraying.
  3. Place corner of napkin into embroidery hoop.
  4. Follow pattern. I used two different types of stitches. I used the entire embroidery thread on the “petals” and only a couple strands of thread on the “stems” if that makes sense.

Embroidery takes a lot of practice! Each napkin took me an evening to embroider by hand. I enjoyed making these napkins for my family. We enjoy using them at our meals and I hope they become something your family enjoys as well!

I hope you try out this project and let me know in the comments below. Tag your napkins on Instagram using #xoxotinadesign, I would love to see them! Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Tina

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