Do you struggle finding toy storage areas in your small space? Do you feel like toys are taking over your house? We are a family of four living in 800 square feet. See how I find toy storage in our small space with these small space toy storage ideas.

Toy Rotation

I am a firm believer in toy rotation! If you haven’t tried it, it’s a game changer. Whether you live in a small space or not, toy rotation helps calm the chaos of toys. Toy rotation basically means you take the bulk of your kids toys, put them into separate plastic bins, then pull them out one at a time. This is especially helpful to do right before holidays and birthdays, since you know there will be an influx of toys.

Small Space Toy Storage Ideas

Keep the plastic bins stashed around the house. I have two in our storage armoire and two on top of the changing table hutch, I like to store things up out of the way. I also keep a few outside in our storage shipping container, we have a lot of toys!

Toy Usage

The toys get used a lot more when I use this system. Also, every time you bring out a plastic bin the kids feel like they are new toys! That’s a win win for me. Some people switch them out monthly, I find whenever they stop playing with the toys I swap them out. You can get fancy and organize the plastic bins by type and category, I normally just throw some toys into each one! #momlife

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