Interested in making your own cold processed soap? Not sure where to start? These are the top online resources for cold processed soap that I have been using to learn how to make cold processed soap at home.

Top Online Resources for Cold Processed Soap
Batch of Cold Processed Soap

Top Online Resources for Cold Processed Soap

Simple Natural Soapmaking by Jan Berry

This book has been invaluable in regards to natural soap making. The author explains the cold and hot process soap making techniques in great detail. She also has a blog that is full of great soap information. I really like the way she uses all natural ingredients and does not use palm oil which is a controversial ingredient.

Elly’s Everyday Soap Making

This YouTube channel has been instrumental in my learning. The creator explains in great detail the soap making process, as well as the science behind it. She also has a really soothing voice which is nice to listen too!

Jerika Zimmerman

This YouTube channel is a cute Canadian couple that runs a soap business, Quench. They are super inspirational if you are trying to get a soap business up and running. Their website is also really nice. They focus on using hemp seed oil, which is something I plan on incorporating into my soap as well. I am originally from upstate New York, so I have a special place in my heart for Canadians!

Soap Queen

This website is extremely knowledgeable about everything soap. From labeling your products, to having soap insurance, there is a post about it all! The blog is owned by Bramble Berry, which is a big soap making supplier.

Marie Gale

If you have been wondering about the legal aspects of labeling your products, this is the website for you! She goes into great detail about what is required on the product label. I also took her e-course to learn the proper way to label products.


Udemy is a really good resource if you are trying to learn a new skill. Definitely wait until they run a sale, often the courses are 90% off! I searched for cold processed soap courses, they have been helpful for sure.

Facebook Groups

By joining cold processed soap Facebook groups, you are able to interact with other soap makers at your level and also expert soap makers. This is super helpful because a lot of the time the questions asked are the same ones you have been wondering.

Top Online Resources for Cold Processed Soap Summary
Cold Processed Soap

Soap making is a beautiful artform that requires a lot of practice and expertise. Soap making can be expensive, so having these resources has been super helpful. I hope these top online resources for cold processed soap will help you as well!

Thanks for reading!

xoxo, Tina

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